Creative Backing offers a range of Real Estate services including listing photography, listing videography, head shots, floor plan measurement, brand management and consulting to real estate professionals, designers, home builders and FSBO's throughout Des Moines, Iowa.

creative backing
providing quality, creative marketing power

Selling Real Estate isn't just a business, it's a science.  Every successful real estate marketing tool begins with quality, curated images and video.  Professionally photographed listings, whether a million-dollar home or a fixer-upper, remain the most important factor in generating buyer interest, traffic and sales. 

From the quality of listing photographs and video, to developing and maintaining your personal brand, Creative Backing provides a wide-range of affordable real estate marketing services to real estate professionals, designers, home builders, and FSBOs throughout Des Moines, Iowa and surrounding metro.

Our creative professionals come from diverse backgrounds and embody a vast range of creative talents.  We look forward to working with you!

We're your Creative Backing.